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import student data from zangle to egp update* use "Attend Roster 2 Week" report 
paste grade file ( click here to download (Link to video tutorial ) Paste from EGP to Zangle 1) Download the files from Kevin’s website ( 2) Unizip them to the desktop 3) Go to File>Export. 4) Select New. 5) Change Name of Format to Zangle. 6) Copy Overall Grade from Fields Available to Fields in this Format. 7) Select a class and hit Export. 8) Save to desktop. Name the file input.txt. 9) Copy contents of the text file (horizontal grades) to a column in a new excel spreadsheet. 10) Then highlight the column with the grades (now vertical) back into the file input.txt, replacing the old horizontal grades. 11) Open an Internet Explorer webpage to Zangle. Go to TeachersConnection then Marks. 12) Select the grading period and class. 13) Hilight the first open field for inputting a grade then type Control+Alt+P. thanks val =)  
how to log out from google account  
How to Use ELMO to Scan Illuminate Exams (by Valerie Henderson)  
how to paste grade to zangle  
Look up CST scores from  
calibrate scanner for data director  
set up monitor screen resolution (non-lcd monitors)  
forward groupwise (school email) email to gmail so that the emails are backed up automatically  
create an assessment in illumanateed  
import data from illuminateed to easy grade  
create an assessment in illumanateed (simple)  
share the illuminate ed assessment with department only  
Windows Journal with mobi  
inking on word with mobi  
Make grade report for internet from easy grade pro using drop box so that the parents can access the grades on line  
Color code the seating chart on easy grade pro according to grade of the students  
using mobi on word  
Back up easy grade pro to drop box  
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