I Love Rosemont

I Lve Rosemont

Time capsule video

Contest topic

Rosemont is making an end of the year video! You can help by making a video telling us why you love Rosemont by taking a video. Try to make your video fun and interesting. Remember, you are trying to make a video for you to come back to in the future. ALMOST EVERY SUBMITTED VIDEO THAT FOLLOWS THE RULES WILL BE ON THE FINAL VIDEO. Feel free to include your friends in your video and encourage them to make their own. Send your entries to rmstechyes@gmail.com

Contest rules

  1. Video must be less than 15 seconds long.

  2. Must be appropriate (School rules apply!)

  3. You must say “I love Rosemont because...”

  4. Give at least 1 original reason why you love Rosemont.

  5. Must be Horizontal. (Landscape) No vertical phone videos.

  6. No shaky shots - keep the camera as steady as you can.

  7. No background music

  8. Include First and Last name and Student ID when you send us your video to rmstechyes@gmail.com


Judging will be based on Creativity and  Video Content. We will give videos 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as honorable mentions. Keep in mind that this is for a video that you will be able to come back to in the future, so even if you don’t think you will win, submit a video so you can be in the video. It will be posted in Tech Yes’s youtube site,

Rosemont TechYes

Thank You,

-Rosemont TechYES

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