Class Information

Rosemont Middle School

Mr. Hoang


Welcome to Mr. Hoang’s class.  I am looking forward to working with you in this very important class.  Let’s have a great year together! The information about the class is outlined below.  Please review them with your parents and fill out the online information forms (one for you and one for your parent) from my website to receive a weekly grade report email.



Contact information:

Email or

School (818) 248-4224

Text or Voicemail Number* (818) 275-1128

(*Please note that both text and voicemail come to me as an email... so I may not receive them right away...also Please remember to include your name)


In order for you to be successful you should have with you everyday

Graph paper notebook (may use single subject spiral notebook but Graph paper notebook is rerecorded )

Mechanical pencil with extra lead and eraser (or two pencils with erasers and a pencil sharpener)

Scientific calculator, dark color pen to correct work, ruler, scientific calculator. 



  • 20% from Assignments / Classwork / Group Work / Participation
  • 80% from Test and Quiz


The report card grade will be assigned as follows:

90-100% = A        80-89% = B          70-79% = C          60-69% = D          Below 60% = F



All assignments, including make-up assignments, are due at the beginning of each class period.  “Late Homework” will be accepted as 50% of the homework if it is completed and turned in before the chapter test


There will be a homework assignment every day, including Fridays. All work must be shown as directed in class. Homework will be checked daily during class. Students must have their current unit homework with them when they are in the class.  After the answers are given in class, students are expected to correct all the mistakes with a dark color pen in class or at home if more time is needed


To be successful in the class, it is very important to correct all the mistakes of the problems missed on homework, quiz and test. Therefore, random assignment(s) may be collected to check to see if the mistakes were corrected with in the current unit.  Once the unit test has been given, students are to set aside but not throw away their homework at home.



A quiz and a test will be given per each unit (there may be exceptions for some chapters).   



If a student is absent and missed an assignment, test or quiz, it is the responsibility of the student to make them up by checking the grade report and communicate to the teacher in timely manner.



2 per semester (Will be recorded - not given out)



Students must use standard print or cursive letters and standard numbers. Poor handwriting is a cause for many careless errors in solving math problems. All problems must be written in correct algebraic form. Examples of correct form will be given to students.



I will be emailing weekly grade report usually Thursday to two email addresses.  Please make sure that you enter correct email address on the online information forms from my website.  (One parent email and one student email)



All students are expected to know and to abide by the Rosemont Middle School Standards of Student Behavior, and to behave respectfully toward the teacher and other students in the classroom.  Guidelines that are specific to my class are:

1.  Be honest

2.  Do not talk back  

3.  Students must be in their seats before the bell rings (4 or more tardies will result in ‘U’ for the citizenship)

4.  Be ready to learn

5.  Eating, drinking (except for water), or chewing gum (automatic referral) is never permitted

6.  Raise hand for permission to talk or leave your seat

7.  Protect and respect school and classroom property

8.  Show respect to teachers and classmates

9.  Students are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell


Student behavior should never disrupt the learning process; in the event that it does, the consequences are:

               1.  Warning                 2.  Call Home           3.  Referral   



Students are responsible for their own learning. I encourage students to work with one another and learn together (collaboration), but cheating in any form (see the Cheating Policy in the Reminder Binder) and lying are unacceptable.


Collaboration vs. Cheating

Collaboration involves two or more people working together to complete an assignment, to learn a new idea or to compare notes. Collaboration requires that all people involved be present when the working is taking place. When the collaboration is finished, all people involved understand the idea, assignment, and/or notes. If questioned, all people involved can explain what was learned. The completed assignments and notes will have the same information, but will probably not look exactly alike.


Collaboration is desirable and encouraged as a valuable learning tool. What distinguishes collaboration from cheating is that during collaboration, everyone who is involved learns. During cheating only one person learns and others simply transfer information without learning it. Consequences for cheating: all parties involved will receive a grade of zero on the assignment or test followed by a call home and a referral (see the Cheating Policy in the Reminder Binder). And the parents will be notified.



Students must participate actively in class every day in order to learn. Attendance must be prompt and consistent. 



Learning responsibility is a very important part of education. The students are responsible for having proper materials, doing homework, studying for tests, being on time, having good attendance, completing make up assignments, and learning their math lessons. Parents and teachers can help students learn to be responsible, but the students themselves must be responsible for their own learning. As a parent, you can encourage your child to be responsible, praise his/her successes and improvements, and help your child find assistance if difficulties arise. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



All math teachers at Rosemont have math help hours and students may attend any of them (not just their math teacher’s) and do not need to stay through the whole session.  I will be available at least once a week after school from 2:48~3:48 pm.  


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I know that we will have a great year together. 


Thank you!