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Draw by line with winplot

Download winplot from here 
(if you are in the lab, click "run" and save everything in "Thaw space" otherwise files will be deleted after reboot
also upload the winplot file at "Draw by line Gallery" (bottom right) so that you don't lose your work)

helpful winplot key strokes
"home" on the keyboard to resize the window
"page up/ page down" to zoom in and out
"ctrl+I" or Equa-> Inventory (to see all you equations)
Equa -> Size of inventory (to input more equations)
Equa -> Conceal/show all (to show equations on the graph)
Shift+Home or Misc ->Text -> home equations (to show missing equations)
Btns->Text (then right mouse to type your name )

Part 1 (Finding the equation of the lines)

Part 2 (how to draw horzontal and regular line on winplot)

Part 3 (WinPlot - vertical line)

(for Geo only - Circle)


Part 4 (print)
This shows how to print (Print as "Land scape Mode")

Part 5 (save as jpg)
This shows how to save it as jpg so that others can see 

Part 6 (Upload)
This shows how to upload TWO files (jpg,and wp2) to my web page
*(make sure you click "insert to content" when uploading the jpg file so that you can see the picture of your equations)

Objective: to create a picture on a coordinate plane and find the equations of the lines in the picture. 

1. Draw a coordinate plane onto your graph paper. Put the coordinates on the x and y axis. 

2. On the coordinate plane, draw a picture. The picture can have curved lines, but it must have at least fifteen straight lines. Label the lines with the #’s 1 to 15. (no more than 5 of the lines you choose may be horizontal or vertical)

3. Using all of your knowledge of writing the equation of a line, find the equation of the 15 lines in your picture on a separate sheet of paper. (Hint: write the ordered pairs of two points on the line, find the slope, and then plug a point and the slope into the slope intercept form of the equation) 

Part 1 (Finding the equation of the lines)

4. Write the 

domain and the range of each line. 

The idea is that another person could recreate your picture using the equations. In order to do this, you must include the 

domain and the range of each line

. (Otherwise, the line will extend in both direction forever)

see Part 2 (WinPlot- horzontal and regular line)

5. Color the picture then staple the work that shows the equation of the 15 lines and 5 curves with the colored drawing on top.

6. Recreate the picture using winplot then print and upload. 
see all the videos above show